Orionfinance.org Review – 0.7% to 1.4% daily for 365 days

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Orionfinance is a newly launched project which just started on September 1st. It provides a long term investment plan, from which you can earn 0.7%-1.4% daily. Orionfinance has 4 companies in different parts of the world and legally registered in HongKong (Registration Number: #3883131), Singapore (Registration Number: #137173), Malta (Registration Number: #323821) and Estonia (Registration Number: #183813). I just joined it today, so it will be a long road to go, and more news will be updated. Let’s see its basic information first.

Register: https://office.orionfinance.org/registration?r=cgyfanzi

Started: 2021-09-01

Minimum Deposit: $100

Investment Plans: 0.7% to 1.4% daily for 365 days and principal included

Promotional Rewards: Linear bonus+binary bonus+rank bonus+start bonus

Payment Options: BTC, ETH, TRON, USDT(erc20), USDT(trc20)

Minimum Withdrawal: $10

Withdrawal Process Time: 48 hours

Weekly withdrawal limit: Equal to the deposit amount

Weekly limit on internal transfers: Equal to the deposit amount

Languages: more than 10 languages supported

Investment Plans

Minimum deposit $100, and you can earn 0.7%-1.4% daily for 365 days and principal included. Daily profit is fluctuated, but the more you deposit, the more profit will earn daily.

Linear Bonus


Binary Points & Binary Bonus



To receive a binary bonus, you must complete the qualification – have one personally invited investor with a deposit of 100 ORUSD in each branch. The limit for receiving a binary bonus is equal to the amount of your deposit. The limit is renewed every 7 days from the date of your first investment.

Rank Bonus

Start Bonus

This is a reward that depends on the amount of sales in the first line within 14 days after your registration on the platform. The Rank Bonus is paid on the 15th day after registering on the platform.




How to deposit?

❶Click this link to register an account: https://office.orionfinance.org/registration?r=cgyfanzi

❷Login your account → click “My wallet” button → click “Deposit” button:


❸I choose the third-party wallet to deposit in rightside (you can also use Tronlink wallet on leftside if you like):


❹Copy and send money to the wallet. Usually within 10-30 minutes, the money will be added on your account:


❺Click “Smart Pool” → Click “Invest Now”


❻Choose “Invest from your internal wallet” → “Main balance” → “Invest Now”:


Why I choose it?

  • Newly launched project
  • Beautifully and professionally designs
  • Registered 4 company certificates
  • Reasonable profits for investors
  • Various rewards for promoters
  • Have more potential to attract leaders and make the project bigger

Register: https://office.orionfinance.org/registration?r=cgyfanzi

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